Are you stuck?

Where do new ideas come from? Michael Collie of SPCK Australia challenges you to “think outside the box” with these creative tips.


The brain was designed to think habitually.  If we want to think creatively we need to circumvent this.  Three ways to avoid habitual thinking include:

1)       Introduce a random idea. Example:  When designing a book cover about worship, introduce an unrelated item such as a curtain pulley.  Connect the object to the theme.

2)      Reduce material to essential content. Example:  When choosing a cover for a book about letter writing, simplify the theme to “expressing intimacy.”  Visualize something that introduces loneliness.

3)      Invert the idea to create something new. Example:  When writing a comic book about Joseph use a female protagonist, Josephine, instead of a male protagonist.

What other ideas do you have for getting “un-stuck”?

This LittWorld 2012 video was shot and produced by Good News Productions in Nairobi, Kenya, for MAI .

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