What is LittWorld?

LittWorld is a global Christian publishing training conference held once every three years in different locations around the world. More than 200 Christian publishing staff and writers from 50 countries are expected at LittWorld 2024 in Puebla, Mexico, November 3-8.  More than 40 publishing professionals will lead plenary sessions, workshops, one-on-one consultations and devotional times.  This will be the first LittWorld conference held in a Spanish-speaking country.

Who may attend?

Christians actively involved in publishing or writing in their respective countries.

When should I register for the conference?

Register by October 15.  Conference registration covers five nights lodging at the conference hotel, all meals, breaks, a free outing, transportation to/from the Mexico Airport to the hotel in Puebla, and conference materials and registration.  You may register online here.

In what language will the conference be conducted?

The conference will be conducted in English, with plenary sessions and most workshops interpreted into (or offered in) Spanish.

When should I arrive and depart? 

You should arrive at the conference venue by the evening meal on Sunday, November 3 (the first meal included in your paid registration fee).  The conference concludes with breakfast on Friday, November 8.

Where will the conference be held?

LittWorld will be held at the five-star hotel Presidente Intercontinental in the city of Puebla, roughly a two-hour drive from the Mexico City airport.  Conference lodging, meals, plenary sessions and workshops are all with the conference hotel. The hotel also has a fitness center and outdoor pool. 


Where is the city of Puebla and what is it like?

Puebla is a city of 1.6 million located in east-central Mexico, southeast of Mexico City. Founded in 1532, the city is known for its culinary history, colonial architecture and pottery. The painted Talavera tiles on numerous buildings are locally produced. 

Should I be concerned about safety in Puebla?

The city’s tourist areas and hotel neighborhood are considered safe, and the conference hotel provides extra security for large conferences like LittWorld.  Keep in mind the same safety rules as you would follow in any major city where you travel (i.e. avoid late-night, lonely streets).

What will the weather be like and how should I dress?

The average high temperature in Puebla in November is 73°F (23°C) and average low, 46°F (8°C).  Bring a jacket for the cooler evenings and mornings.

Must I stay at the conference hotel? 

To build community and reduce distractions, we ask that LittWorld participants have their lodging at the conference hotel.  A limited number (15) of non-residential registrations are available to Mexican participants only.  This non-residential rate does not include overnight lodging or breakfasts at the conference hotel, which must be obtained elsewhere at the participant’s expense. The non-residential rate covers conference registration and materials, lunches and suppers, coffee breaks, the conference outing and closing celebration dinner. 

Will I be able to connect to the Internet?

Free Wi-Fi will be available 24/7 at the conference hotel for all delegates.

What if I would like a shared double room at the hotel but don’t have a roommate?

Not a problem!  We will find you one.

How do I book extra nights at the hotel?

To reserve extra nights at the LittWorld hotel, Presidente Intercontinental in Puebla, either before or after the conference at your own expense, you must do so on the hotel website using the links below:

To make reservations with the conference hotel for any nights immediately BEFORE LittWorld, use this link: LINK PRE MAI: https://shorturl.at/RSbpm

To make reservations for nights AFTER LittWorld, use this link: LINK POST MAI: https://t.ly/BtWM8

Using these links will ensure that you receive the same LittWorld conference room rates when reserving the extra nights. The total cost per night, for either one or two persons in the room, will be $105 USD plus tax. This cost includes buffet breakfast.

See these instructions to guide your online reservation for extra nights:

  • After you click on the link and enter online reservations for Presidente Intercontinental the text will appear in Spanish. To change the language to English, click the dropdown tab, Español, at the top of the screen, and change the “Idioma” (language) to English.
  • Preconference registration is set for 3 nights, from October 31 through November 2. If you need only one or two extra nights, click on the calendar to specify which extra night(s) you want to reserve.
  • Similarly, post-conference registration is preset for 3 nights, from November 3-5. Click on the calendar to specify the date(s) that you want to reserve.
  • Indicate if 1 or 2 persons will be in the guest room, and whether you want a room with a single King bed or two queen-sized beds. (The price will be the same.)
  • Continue to checkout. You will need to hold/pay for reservation with a credit card.

If you have any difficulties with registering for extra nights, please contact MAI at [email protected]



How will I get to the hotel?

If you are traveling to the conference by air, please fly into Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport. MAI will provide free bus transportation to registered conference participants from Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport to the conference hotel in Puebla. These buses will depart at scheduled times on Saturday, November 2, and Sunday, November 3. You will be asked to provide your flight details to be assured of a spot on a bus. Free bus transportation will also be provided, by advance sign-up, from the hotel back to the same airport in Mexico City at the end of the conference.

Participants arriving in Mexico City on days or times when the LittWorld buses are not running will be responsible to arrange their own transportation to Puebla at personal expense. Public buses to Puebla are available from Mexico City’s Benito Juarez International Airport, and once in Puebla you would take a taxi to the conference hotel.

What electrical outlets does Mexico use?

A Mexico electrical outlet might be type A or type B, depending on where you’re staying. Some hotels have both types of plugs, while some only have one or the other. An adapter will be needed if your device plug has a grounding pin and you are trying to use a Type A outlet. Mexico uses a voltage of 127V and a frequency of 60Hz, just like the rest of North America.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance for your trip.  If you would happen to get sick in Mexico or need to quarantine, you would be responsible to cover expenses incurred (lodging, meals, etc.) beyond the time of LittWorld.

Where should I exchange currency?

We recommend that you exchange money on arrival in the Mexico City airport.  Numerous exchange counters are in the airport terminals.

How much money will I need, in addition to paying the conference fee?

Your registration fee covers all your meals from dinner on Sunday, November 3, through breakfast on Friday, November 8, plus the Wednesday outing.  You may want to bring additional funds for gifts, purchases at the book tables, purchases at the markets on the outing.



Where will we go for the conference outing?

Conference participants will enjoy a free outing to the historic, nearby city of Cholula.  We will climb the “Great Pyramid,” offering a spectacular view of central Mexico and its volcanos; stroll in the city’s central plaza or zócalo, with its centuries-old Catholic churches; and visit the outdoor tourist market and indoor central market. Cholula is considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on earth;  pre-Columbian Cholula grew from a small village to a regional center in the 7th century.  Wear comfortable shoes and bring spending money if you would like to purchase souvenirs in the markets.

May I bring my books to display?

Registered participants may request a shared table space (roughly 2×3 feet) in the book display area at no cost to you.  Contact MAI to request a space, [email protected], which is first-come, first served.  Full tables (roughly 2 meters in length) are available as space permits for $400USD. You may sell your books or just display them. The book room will be open during coffee breaks, meal times and other free times.  You may set up in your assigned space on Sunday afternoon, November 3.

How will the one-on-one consultations work?

You will have the opportunity to sign up for a 30-minute consultation with an author or publishing professional.  The consultation will be driven entirely by your questions for your assigned mentor.

Will there be an opportunity to share or perform?

You are invited to share a song, reading, story or other creative expression in the special “LittWorld’s Got Talent” program on Wednesday evening.  Presentations are 5 minutes or less, and participation is limited because of time.  So, be sure to sign up when the opportunity is announced at the conference.

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