Since our founding in 1985, MAI has continued to nurture talented publishers across Europe. As a result, many of these men and women now equip others as our trainers. We continue to encourage the growth of local authors who can speak best to readers’ hearts and minds.MAI has served in Italy, Croatia, France, Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, England, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Switzerland and Ukraine.


MAI-Europe gives special attention to promoting and developing training programs in Europe. After the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, numerous Christian book and magazine publishers sprouted across the region. In response, MAI provided on-site training and consulting for Christian publishing staff in Poland, Bulgaria, Albania and other countries in the region. We remain actively engaged in publisher training and networking across Europe.

Contact MAI-Europe

Phone: int’l code + 1865 02750

MAI-Europe Office
c/o Rodney Shepherd
21 Mill Street
Old Kidlington, Oxfordshire 0XE
Tel/Fax +44(0) 1865-848337
[email protected]


Rodney P. Shepherd, Chair 
Network Marketing, Business Coach, England

Aleksandr Flek, Trustee
Biblion, Czech Republic 

Graham Wilson, Treasurer
Retired technical support, England

Daniela Benevelli, Trustee
Geneva Bible Society, Italy

Alice Keen, Secretary

Sam Richardson, Trustee
SPCK Publishing, England

Anna Shirochenskaya, Vice-chair
Triad Christian Publishing, Russia

Borislava Van Braam van Vloten, Trustee
Communications consultant, Netherlands

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