Core Values

Our Vision

We envision a world in which readers everywhere have access to life-transforming Christian content written in their heart language.

Our Mission

We equip and encourage Christian publishers and writers in hard places of the world to create excellent content that enriches the Church and influences society.

Our Values

We believe God uses the written word to transform lives.
  • A vibrant body of indigenous Christian literature is essential to the strength of the local church.
  • Local Christians with appropriate gifting can be inspired and assisted in their efforts to produce written materials for both Christians and general readers.
  • On-site training is preferred over training offered in a context foreign to participants.
  • Publishing professionals, equipped with the necessary communication and cross-cultural skills, are uniquely suited as trainers in on-site training projects. Finding and equipping these practitioner-trainers is crucial to the growth of MAI’s trainer network and ministry.
  • The most effective training takes place within a publishing context.
  • Meaningful training depends on long-term relationships, rather than “one-off” events. We seek open, strong relationships with those we serve.
  • Priority should be given to nations or cultures having limited Christian publishing or witness.
  • Training should encourage Christians to create meaningful literature for the general reader, not just Christians. More attention should be given to other oft-neglected audiences, such as children, youth and the poor.
  • We believe in the value of bringing together practitioners from around the world for encouragement, training and the interchange of ideas.
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