If Christ was to write to the Church in Uganda

Submitted to the LittWorld 2012 writing contest by Rekisa of Uganda:
If Christ was to write to the church in my country, he would say little, because all is already recorded in the word of His Father. His letter is already with us, in the parables, proverbs and psalms and other accounts as recorded by Paul and the others who walked with Him before and after His shame and victory at Golgotha.
However, if Jesus Christ were to write a letter to the church in my country he would remind us of His Love, Mercy and Grace. His letter would address the leaders of His church, reminding them to spread the good news and stop fighting each other. His letter calls them to love one another and draw His followers towards Him, so that His church would unite and become the true salt and light of the nation.
His letter would acknowledge that though His followers had many troubles in this world, they should be strong because He, Christ, has already overcome the world. He asks that we tap into His joy and peace, and turn our eyes to His Holy Spirit for comfort and wisdom. His letter keeps reminding us that we are more than conquerors through His strength in us.
He ends His letter to us with a caution for us to watch and pray in these perilous times, that we take care not to trip and fall in the trap of the one who roams around seeking to devour us. He reminds us that because He is the vine and we are the branches, we should remain in Him so that He may remain in us – victorious.

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Photo above: Church in Entebbe, Uganda; courtesy of Wikipedia, by June of Malaysia

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