My Sister’s Keeper

This poem by Christina Ko of the U.S. received runner-up honors in our September writing contest. Contest participants were invited to respond to this prompt in 400 words or less: “Write a psalm or poem that expresses to God your pain over injustice, racism, violence, poverty or some other challenge in your country and your cry for His intervention.”   Twenty-five writers from a dozen nations submitted entries in this English contest.

“Powerful message; engaging style. The questions invite the reader in,” noted the contest judges. “Very imaginative poem that allows readers to draw deeper meaning from women’s suffering and their responsibility to them.

Contest judges Lillian Tindyebwa and Betty Kituyi of Uganda founded Uganda Faith Writers Association and Quiet Garden Publishing. Lillian’s novel Recipe for Disaster is used as reader in lower secondary schools. She is also a university lecturer for English and Literature. Betty is a poet with two published poetry books; a leading science educator and award-winning mentor of young women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics).

My Sister’s Keeper
By Christina Ko

Who is my 


She is detained, 

deported in the night, 

stripped bare, 

cuts on her 


from your 



Who is left now 

to lift from Samaria’s road, 

to bind up wounds when 

we have bound up 

our neighbor’s wrists? 

What could heal 

these wounds, 

the floods of blood and 


The spear is still 

there, the sons and daughters  

torn from 

her bleeding side. 

Hear Raquel weep 

for her children. 


Behold her, America – 

you who imprisoned, 

beat with bats and 

burning crosses, 

hung from trees 

and shot  

your prophets: 

Now, turn and look. 

See, your sister 

your child 

your father and mother 





the one you 



Christina Ko lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and two cats. She works for a non-profit that empowers Christian volunteers to advocate for and with the vulnerable worldwide. In her free time she enjoys creative writing, blogging, yoga in the living room, and latin dancing.

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Top photo by Fabian Fauth on Unsplash

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