Seed Publications in Vietnam Receives Robert B. Reekie Global Publisher Award

Media Associates International is pleased to announce Văn Phẩm Hạt Giống (Seed Publications) of Vietnam as this year’s recipient of the Robert B. Reekie Global Publisher Award.

Honoring MAI’s late founding President Robert Reekie, the annual award recognizes ministry excellence by a publisher serving in a challenging context.

“You have stood resilient and strong in your efforts to expand your reach in Vietnam and abroad by utilizing creative digital marketing, and have published quality materials catered to the needs of your growing market,” MAI Director of Publisher Development Ramon Rocha III wrote to Seed publishing director Thuy Tran Xuan.

He commended Seed Publications for its focus on its domestic market (70% of its sales are domestic), and for nine new titles planned for 2024, including three by Vietnamese-speaking authors.

Thuy’s start in Christian publishing began with RBC Ministries, where she translated training books for Vietnamese pastors. The idea for Seed was born as Thuy and Daniel Owens from reSource Leadership International sought to make these books more widely available.

Seed was then launched in 2016 to provide Christian literature that is excellent, biblical and appropriate to the needs and context of Vietnamese communities.

“The metaphor, ‘seed,’ stands for the Word of God in Jesus’ parable of the sower in Mark 4:14,” Thuy explained. “We believe God uses His word powerfully to grow His church, and we long to see the Word scattered wide, take root, and grow in us and our readers.”

Much of what Seed publishes is intended for the general public, such as one Vietnamese author’s book, Discovering the Gospel, which encourages readers to “think about life’s big questions and learn about the life of Jesus Christ: the heart of the Christian faith.”

“When we see or hear someone say that we have helped them grow in their journey with God, we are encouraged and praise God for this,” Thuy said. “When readers hunger and long for our books, this lightens our hearts and motivates us to work hard and move forward despite difficulties.”

“Join us in praying for Thuy and her team at Seed Publications,” MAI President John Maust said, “and pray that the Lord would enable its publishing ministry in Vietnam to flourish.”

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