Write from the Heart

Are you writing a book that exposes your soul?  Different writing techniques are required when writing a book from the heart.  These books are not designed simply to present facts or information.  Award-winning author Robin Jones Gunn cites a few tips to keep in mind.


1)       Pull stories from your own heart. The story that comes from the heart touches the heart.  God gave us His story in one book, the Bible, and He gave that story from the heart  (“For God so loved the world . . .”).  We, too, want to convey the story of the Gospel by giving more than facts, theology or doctrine.

2)      Draw from your own experiences.

3)      Be vulnerable.  It stays with the reader for a longer time. A story comes alive when it comes from the heart.  When an author writes in this way, she is participating in something even greater than what she can understand.

What writing has pulled at your heart recently? Tell us.

This LittWorld 2012 video was shot and produced by Good News Productions in Nairobi, Kenya, for MAI .

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