Four Keys to Make Your Publishing Financially Sustainable

Is your publishing financially sustainable? What can you do to achieve it? Learn four keys to sustainability from Ramon Rocha III, MAI director of publisher development, in this 3-minute video or the summary below.

Pursue excellence in these four areas:

  1. Select your titles wisely. Make sure the books you publish—in print, ebooks or audio—are the products readers want. Ensure they’re well-written, well-edited and well-produced. The more bestsellers and “evergreens” you have, the better.
  2. Create reader-focused marketing and distribution strategies. Are you focused on self-promotion or your readers in social media, email and blogs. Share content that your readers will appreciate and value. Build a brand that they can trust.
  3. Steward your financial resources carefully, especially cash. Price right and stay disciplined.
  4. Manage your human resources well. Are the people who lead and manage your publishing house pursuing your mission and vision? Do you and they have the skill set, desire and attitude to serve the Lord long-term?

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