A Big Idea Book That Changes Lives

Alice Crider is an editor, an author, and an author coach. Since 2011, she has combined her life coaching skills with her writing and 15 years of publishing experience. Here she offers writers advice on how to create a book that results in changed lives. Alice shared these ideas at LittWorld 2012, gathering many of them from “Steps to Bring About Life Change” by David Kopp.

Watch the video and enjoy Alice’s more detailed points below.


1. Identify the reader’s stronghold/problem; show its overlooked significance.
What problem is your reader experiencing?
How has the problem been overlooked?

2. Describe what is being lost to the problem so the reader says, “Yes, I have this problem, and I now realize the personal cost.”
What are they missing out on due to this problem?
What impact has this problem had on their life?

3. Surface the misconceptions in the reader’s language. (Misconceptions are beliefs that keep the reader from experiencing the benefit; these misconceptions may be subconscious or known, but assumed to be inarguable or harmless).
What misconceptions has the reader bought into that keep him/her from experiencing the benefit?
What underlying beliefs do they have that keep them from seeing a new solution or alternate view?

4. State the truths that offer a benefit to the reader, and show why they’re true. (Aha! Lights come on for reader.)
What solution or benefit will you show the reader?
What truths will help the reader see the benefit?
What will give them an “aha” moment?

5. Attack the armed defenders of the stronghold. (The armed defenders are the influences, sins, or fears that violently defend the stronghold and shout the dangers or futility of change).
What might influence the reader to avoid possible change? In other words, what influences, sins, beliefs or fears need to be exposed and torn down?

6. Show the benefit again, strongly increasing the reader’s desire for the benefit (How? Visualize, make real, show others who are enjoying it, show that the benefit is what the reader was meant to experience and has always wanted, show surprising connection to other deep desires in the reader’s life).
How are others enjoying this benefit?
What connections can you make between the benefit and the reader’s deepest desires?

7. Lead the reader to—then through—a choice to change. (Life change happens when you put down one belief and pick up and implement another. Transformation happens when insight is followed with congruent action, and it is enhanced even more when shared with others).
What will the reader let go of in order to adapt a new view of their life?
What choice(s) will they make?
What action(s) might they take?
With whom will they share their paradigm shift?

Do you have a big idea book in mind?

This video is one of a series of 3-5 minute teaching videos based on workshops led by top international Christian publishing professionals at LittWorld 2012 in Kenya. We give thanks for the dozens of dedicated men and women who serve as our volunteer trainers, many of whom shared their expertise in these videos.

These mini videos on writing, editing, marketing, design, digital publishing, leadership, and more, were shot and produced by Good News Productions, enabling us to bring them to you.

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