A letter to members of my body in Sierra Leone

Esme James of Sierra Leone contributed this entry to the LittWorld writing contest, answering the question, “If Jesus were to write a letter to the church in your country, what would He say?”

I am Jesus Christ, the Anointed One and your Lord and Saviour. The religion that bears my name has been in Sierra Leone for over two centuries. I know your works. Many there are who have a sincere desire to serve me and to obey my two greatest commands to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbour as yourself. Among you also are some who, despite their poverty and suffering, are rich towards me. They are despised and ignored by those who claim to know me but don’t. These persevere in prayer, interceding for the Church and the nation. They cannot tolerate wicked men and their corrupt practices. But they have forgotten their first love. Remember the height from which you have fallen as the first West African nation that embraced Christianity, and repent.

Within the household are many more that are there only for what they can get out of using my name. They’ve allowed worldly ways to creep into my household, instead of letting my ways transform the world. These are more interested in making a name for themselves than in spreading the good news about me to the nation. They are no different from carnal ones who compete for wealth, power and fame. My servants are busy building empires for themselves on the sweat of their congregations. They tell people that I will bless them as long as they give their money and possessions to the church. They do not care that people’s hearts are far from me and that people are dying in their sins. Instead of saving souls they emphasize worldly wealth and prosperity and ignore the wealth of the fruit of the Spirit which those who love me and obey my commands fully enjoy.

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