An Inside Look at Publishing in Pakistan

In countries where public evangelism isn’t possible, books and literature play apakistani-woman-writer-cropped-low-res critical role in sharing Jesus’ love. The manager of a leading Christian publishing house in Pakistan, unnamed for security reasons, shared his challenges and opportunities with us. For many years MAI has provided training support there.

Q: What is your biggest challenge?

Extremism. We need to be very careful in what we say and how it is perceived. Written material can be twisted for ulterior motives. Extremism has also prevented ordinary people from benefitting from our books. Secular bookshops are not open to stocking our books. People from a non-Christian background are often afraid to be seen reading Christian literature.

Q: What keeps you going?
The song, “People Need the Lord,” has encouraged us to keep moving even when the odds seem completely against us. We have seen people coming to know the Lord through our books. We have seen Christians being encouraged to press on in their faith.

song-book-ruh-ki-khushi Q: How do you reach readers?
We have a network of bookshops and organizations, including Christian hospitals, which make our literature available to ordinary people. Mobile book vans also travel to villages, schools, churches, seminars, conventions and other gatherings. People can purchase literature in the showroom in our building.

Q: How have you seen God working in your readers?
Nonbelievers are coming to know the Lord. Recently one young man experienced salvation through reading In Christianity Or in Christ. We hear of many examples.

Believers are being strengthened in their faith. Children at one school are trying to be salt and light after reading our storybooks and children’s Bible.

Q: What are your future ministry goals?
We hope to publish more theological books to help serious Bible students. We plan to continue training local writers. Digitizing our publications for wider circulation is another goal.

Q: How can we pray? 
Our mere existence in these hostile surroundings is ample proof of the power of prayer. Please pray for God’s protection and that many Urdu-speakers are able to access our books so they too can experience God’s love.

Christian publishers and writers on the front lines are being equipped and encouraged, thanks to your partnership with MAI.

pakistani-childrens-book-cChildren‘s story available in English
Have you wondered how to help children pray for persecuted Christians? Want to understand what it’s like to live as a minority Christian?

We are pleased to offer an English translation of a selection from a book of short stories by a publisher in Pakistan. A Friend in Need by A. Iqbal is a short story about a boy’s battle with bullying. Email [email protected] for a pdf copy.

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