Blast Off!

This children’s activity was submitted as an entry in our LittWorld 2018 writing contest.
“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” -Psalm 19:1

By Alison van Tonder, South Africa
















Imagine that you are an astronaut going to space.

• Cut out the space shuttle and paste it on your window
• Look out at the sky – get ready to blast off!











What do you see in the sky?

  • Name the objects that you see
  • What colors are the objects?
  • Is the sun or moon shining brightly or are they hidden by the clouds?
  • Describe the shape of the clouds?
  • What do all these things in the sky tell you about God?
  • Draw pictures or use words in the box to describe God






There is a writer in the Bible who was amazed by what God had created. He looked up into the sky and said,

It means:

  • The sky tells us something about God (declare)
  • The heavens talk about what we can see (e.g. sun, clouds, rain, moon, stars)
  • The glory of God means that he is brilliant, powerful, creative, and so on
  • Works of his hands means that God made the universe himself


Put on your space suit or a fancy costume. Imagine the different colors in space or go onto the internet or visit the library to see the real colors in books. Color in the picture.


Did you know…

  • one million planet Earths can fit into the sun
  • If you could fly a plane to Pluto, the journey would take more than 800 years
  • Vesta is the highest mountain and is found on an asteroid (space rock). It is three times as tall as Mount Everest


Hope you enjoyed your space adventure. How about making some planets, comets and asteroids? Ask an adult to help you make some cake pops using colorful icing sugar or use modeling clay instead.


Try to unscramble the bible verse. Write the Bible verse out correctly.

declare The the skies of God; proclaim the glory work heavens of his hands the.


A Letter to God

Write back to God – tell Him what he means to you and what you think of the universe He created.

The End.

This children’s activity, based on Psalm 19:1, was submitted as an entry in our LittWorld 2018 writing contest. We extended our deadline to February 28, 2018, to allow more writers around the world to participate! Send us your entries and help spread the word. Submission guidelines include: “submit an original piece of writing that helps readers see the truth or power of one Scripture passage in a fresh, new way. Use your genre of choice—fiction, nonfiction, poetry, song, prayer, etc. Entries should not exceed 600 words..” Learn more.

Content, art work and design by Alison van Tonder.

Alison van Tonder is a vocational writer and curriculum developer in Christian ministry and the marketplace. She is married to David and they live in Cape Town, South Africa with their daughter, Jade. She graduated from a theological institution called Cornerstone Institute (formerly known as CEBI).

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