Can a print magazine survive in a digital world?

In an ever-increasing digital world, can print books and magazines survive? “Yes,” says Keith Stonehocker, former chief strategy officer at Christianity Today International.


Magazines have these advantages for digital publication:
1. Ongoing content with the latest news that can be repurposed for the internet.
2. An advertising sales forces can post ads online.
3. The ability to advertise our own products and services online.

Take-away lessons:
1. Take content from magazines and make it available online. Don’t post it all at once, but stagger it so there’s always something fresh. Around that build commerce- advertising, sales and paid content.

2. Driving traffic to a website is critical. Free e-newsletters draw people to new content. Social media like Facebook and Twitter also draw traffic.

3. Offer types of paid content such as pdfs for download. Gather articles around different topics for specific audiences like pastors.

4. Sell print subscriptions online.

Don’t fear the digital world, but embrace it and discern how to adapt. It’s not an “either/or” choice, but a “both/and” opportunity.

This video is one of a series of 3-5 minute teaching videos based on workshops led by top international Christian publishing professionals at LittWorld 2012 in Kenya. We give thanks for the dozens of dedicated men and women who serve as our volunteer trainers, many of whom shared their expertise in these videos.

These mini videos on writing, editing, marketing, design, digital publishing, leadership, and more, were shot and produced by Good News Productions, enabling MAI to bring them to you.

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