Creative Ways to Expand Your Market

Publishers, are you looking for a way to expand your market?  Romanian publisher and children’s author Balázs Zágoni suggests ideas to promote sales.


1)      Access BRIEF (Book Rights International Exchange Forum)

BRIEF is a forum of European publishers committed to marketing books across international borders.  Through this venue publishers are able to view titles and chapter excerpts from books, CVs of authors and to purchase rights.  BRIEF is open to Christian publishers from all nations.

2)      Expand  your market toward English speaking people

When Koinonia Publishers experimentally translated a devotional from Hungarian into English, they were surprised by who bought the book. They discovered a new market of English readers within their own country.

 3)      Create a checklist for authors of all possible market contacts

Include written media, electronic and other forms which could expand your market.

4)      Create a YouTube video

Using professional equipment or a smartphone, interview the author or designer and upload it to YouTube.  This may receive hundreds of views and may also be linked from Facebook.

 Have you had success with any particular marketing method? Tell us here.

This LittWorld 2012 video was shot and produced by Good News Productions in Nairobi, Kenya, for MAI .

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