Democratic Republic of Congo

In late August, Anglican minister Etienne M. wrote us,  “Beni has been a theater of killing; 50 people were killed by machetes last Saturday. The whole week has been of mourning.”

Pray that God will stop the barbaric rebel violence and restore order around the city of Beni in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Pastor Etienne’s home in Beni is filled with displaced people, and he is hard-pressed to feed everyone. He publishes a magazine called Espoir [French, for “hope”), which is the heart’s cry of people to whom he ministers in this suffering, oft-forgotten area of the world.

Please pray also for a ministry outreach to Beni in early September by Baptist minister Jean-Pasteur Katavo and his relief and trauma counseling team. “Pray for health and protection for the team and enough grace from God to enable the hurt ones to start their healing journey and dare hope again,” Katavo said.

Join us in praying for protection, courage and wisdom for Pastor Etienne, Pastor Katavo and other friends of MAI who serve on the “front lines”. Your support helps give birth to valuable Christian books and other materials that impact societies for Christ.

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