Dinner Chat with Moses

This script by Bernard Ebiau of Uganda placed first in our October writing contest. Contest participants were invited to respond to this prompt in 400 words or less: “Whom in the Bible (other than Jesus) would you like to meet for dinner, and what would you talk about? You may choose to create a script if you like.”  Thirty writers from 17 nations submitted entries in this English contest.

A fine piece of writing, exciting and captivating, wrote contest judge Lawrence Darmani, an award-winning novelist and founding editor of Step magazine and CEO of Step Publishers in Accra, Ghana. “The plot captures several high points of Moses’ colorful life.”

Dinner Chat with Moses
By Bernard Ebiau

The saintly look identified Israel’s redeemer–the stammering-wilderness-leader and lawgiver–during a dinner.

“Glad meeting you Moses!” I remarked. “I deeply admire your role in delivering Israel from slavery to worship the Lord God! Nevertheless, how did you get information concerning the creation?”

“Whenever I met with the Lord face to face, I was caught-up by revelations. This, together with traditional history, was my data-base for writing the book of Genesis,” Moses explained. “I wasn’t perfect you know. Remember I killed an Egyptian, thinking it was the way to deliver Israel. It caused me to flee Egypt.”

“True, but you met Zipporah in the process!”

“Oh yes, and my supportive father-in-law, Jethro.” He added.

“You let fall tablets, the Ten Commandments and later struck twice the rock in Kadesh–costing you Canaan. Was this out of temper or frustration?”

“I presume both,” he noted. “Despite the cloud and pillar of fire, the wilderness journey was a nightmare!”

“Chips and chicken here, Moses! It’s our manna.” I offered.

“Heavenly manna again?”  He asked.

“Yes, sir!” I replied.


“When your rod turned into a serpent, and the flies, frogs, locusts and lice invaded Egypt – the river turning into blood – didn’t they call you a witch?”

“The Lord’s ways are un-natural, sometimes warranting His ministers such naughty titles. Ignore and aggressively execute your heavenly commission, regardless of how you got it. Whether through a dream, a vision or even the burning-bush, like in my case.” He said.

“So the Lord regarded you a meek and faithful man!”

“Yes. I chose to forfeit all the luxury from Egypt–having been adopted into the royal family–to join slavery. I could’ve become the next Pharaoh!” He reflected.

“Say something concerning crossing the red sea, Moses?”

“That was a great victory! By then Israel hadn’t acquired any fighting skills. Then came the brazen-snake, which a mere glance of, neutralised venom from dangerous desert snake-bites!” He stressed.

“Moses, wasn’t killing of the firstborns, Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizites, Hivites and Jebusites an act of racism and terrorism?”

“Not at all. The Lord created all races. Yet many worship Satan–a merely created angel–making enmity against their Creator.  It was an enforcement of the rule of law on earth. Even the golden jewels we borrowed were a reward for our labor, though we later made an idol out of it!” He explained.

“Final word, Moses?”

“Deuteronomy 28.”

Bernard Ebiau was born on 13th April 1967 in Uganda. He received Jesus in 1979 and is married to Lillian Mary, with two children: Enoch and Gloria. A pastor by calling, he has a Certificate in Urban Ministries, a Diploma in Bible and Theology and an Advanced Business English Diploma.

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