Do you have what it takes to lead?

By Ramon Rocha, director of publisher development

Do you have what it takes to be an effective publishing leader? Test yourself against this ramon rochalist. Fear not if you don’t measure up; this is an ideal. Each of us have growth areas. Consider setting goals for yourself with God’s help and your team’s. Try holding yourself accountable with these qualities of a publishing leader:

1.     A genuine disciple of Jesus Christ: a strong, reputable and mature believer

2.     A deep sense of calling to lead an indigenous Christian publishing house

3.     A firm believer of the written word’s strategic role in drawing people to God

4.     A good understanding and grasp of the needs of the reading public, and an ability to identify, develop and encourage local writers to write books addressing these needs

5.     Possesses adequate business and management skills

6.     A lover of books and an advocate for reading

7.     A pursuer of excellence

8.     A people person

9.     Humble and teachable

10.   A visionary and a big picture person

11.   Has the ability to form and build a team that sets common goals, formulates strategies and measures results

12.   Knowledgeable of the context and realities in the economy and society

13.  Articulate and a good communicator

14.   Able to inspire, train, motivate staff

15.    Able to have fun and to put people at ease

16.    A leader by example

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MAI provides training for global Christian publishers with two goals:  1) to help them become financially self-sustaining and 2) to encourage them to find and publish more local authors.

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