Enhance Your Creativity through Poetry with Akolo Anthony James

Learn how to Enhance Your Creativity through Poetry with editor and poet Akolo Anthony James. By exploring poetry, you can develop a unique voice and style that captivates and inspires your readers.

Writing poetry encourages you to be more creative and innovative in your expression. The constraints and freedoms of poetic forms push you to think outside the box and experiment with language and structure. This creativity can enhance all aspects of your writing, making your work more engaging and dynamic.

Akolo Anthony James, an in-house editor at Africa Christian Textbooks, is a playwright, poet and researcher. He has authored over 200 radio drama episodes promoting peace and interfaith dialogue, and his stage plays have been featured at major festivals in Nigeria. Tony is also the author of Give Up on the Things that Hold Down and is currently preparing an anthology of poems titled Hope Not Deferred, set for release later this year.


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