Filipinos, hold on!

Joanne Gonzales of the Philippines submitted this entry to the LittWorld 2012 writing contest:

Deaths, conflicts, disasters, catastrophes — all these and more have been setting a lot of us Filipinos in great uncertainty and doubt. Just within the past few months, hundreds of people were killed in unforeseen flash floods and earthquakes, while many families were left starving for food and were seen crying for survival.

Unfortunately, seeing these things happen, many of us have gone disoriented and misplaced. Many have lost their faith and some have likewise surrendered their optimisms for a better future. Many have started to doubt Christ’s existence and relinquish their hopes and dreams for recovery and healing.

But Filipinos, just like any other people in the world, are only facing challenges and hardships. If only Jesus can write a letter to the church in our country, he would tell us to hold on, keep believing, and entrust our troubles to him. He would assure us that despite all the evils and tribulations we are experiencing, there is salvation. He would soon save us and rescue us from this misery.

Surely, our people are not to be blamed for the emotions they express or with the words or reactions they convey. Nonetheless, they need to be reminded of Christ’s love and be steered towards the great things that are possible with Christ within them. Through the help of Christian writers, people in these situations can be guided. They would not only realize the power of Divine love, but they would also be reminiscent of the significance of hope, faith, and devotion in crises such as these.

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