From Platform to Print: How to create your non-fiction book

Do you have a book burning within you that you want to write? Want to write about a life experience, a cause on your heart, or a spiritual or theological theme? Maybe you’re a speaker and have one message you want in a book. How do you get that material into a reader-friendly, marketable, publishable book? Award-winning author Jeanette Windle shares these simple steps.

If you’re  a speaker more than you are a writer, the easiest way to write your book is to speak it. Find a person you can tell your entire story to. When you’ve finished taping the story, transcribe it to a computer and you’ll have the raw material for a book. Or if you’re teaching from the platform, do the same.

Once you have the raw material, here’s how to transform it into a book:
1. The intro: begin at a point of crisis or climax. What was the anecdote that made you want to write the book ?

2. The main body: divide each chapter into 3 parts. Each chapter will have a) one anecdote or point of your story, b) the bible application or life lesson you learned, c) the take-away for the reader.

3. The epilogue: describe where God has taken you today.

Do you have any tips to add?

Author Jeanette Windle will be leading a free MAI webinar on writing fiction on April 15. Check our webinar page for registration details, soon to be posted.

This LittWorld 2012 video was shot and produced by Good News Productions in Nairobi, Kenya, for MAI.

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