Fusing Life and Faith Through Local Resources in Mexico: A Conversation with Sally Isáis of MILAMEX

We recently had the chance to talk with Sally Isáis, who serves in Mexico with MILAMEX (Misión Latinoamericana de México). MAI has had a long-time training relationship with MILAMEX. Here, Sally talks about her ministry and what God is doing throughout Mexico today.

Tell us about MILAMEX and your publishing initiatives.

There are several facets to our ministry, one of them being publishing. We have been publishing PRISMA (a family magazine) for over 50 years and printing books for the last 20 years. We believe in the importance of training Latin writers and working alongside those who want to write. We want to encourage and enable Latin Christian writers who write in Spanish and in our own context.

So much of what is published is translated from other languages, and sometimes the real meaning gets lost in the translation. Ninety-nine percent of what we have published over the years has been from writers in Latin America.

About a year before the pandemic set in, we started to move towards publishing PRISMA in an online format. We also made the decision to create smaller digital magazines with a more specific reader in mind. The Lord prepared us ahead of time, so that when Covid-19 forced us to work from home, we had already taken steps in that direction and were able to continue that part of the ministry in an easier way than if we had just been thrown into the situation. God is good!

Our aim in the ministries the Lord has given to us is to clearly demonstrate the “fusion of life and faith.” We have digitally published several books during the pandemic, but have not yet printed anything in hard copy.

What are the niche audiences you serve, and how does digital publishing reach people other means might not reach?

We have magazines for different groups, all with a biblical perspective. Eventually we would like to produce 13 different magazines, but right now we have five:

  • Women’s magazine: Soy mujer prisma
  • Men’s magazine: Soy hombre
  • Adolescent girls: Esencia
  • Missions: Es tu turno
  • Health and exercise: Intenzión

The benefit of using a digital format is that there are no borders. Anyone in the world can go online and check out these digital magazines. As it is all over the world, this pandemic has changed everything for us. This has been a very difficult season, and yet we see the Lord’s mercy and grace in helping us to continue to reach out through these online magazines and social media efforts. We constantly remind ourselves that although everything seems to have changed, God hasn’t. His message of love, mercy, and grace continues to be true, pertinent, life changing, and eternity altering.

What is God up to in Mexico, and specifically in Mexico City?

Here in Mexico more churches are starting to have in-person gatherings. God has used our churches during this time to bless those in need. Evangelism efforts continue all over the country and baptisms, online discipleship, and Bible studies have increased.

Mexico City has just transitioned to what we call  a “green” light, which means that even though activities are still somewhat limited, there is a promise of things opening up. We are still waiting to see what the “new reality” (a very popular term during this pandemic in Mexico) will look like.

What are your big dreams for MILAMEX in the years to come, and how can we be praying for you?

My dream is that the Lord will continue to bless MILAMEX with the opportunity to be a light that reflects the truth about who Jesus Christ is in the best and most effective way possible. We pray that the young team that the Lord has given us will follow His lead and never lose the vision of what He has called us to do. My prayer is that we won’t lose sight of His presence in our midst, His power at our disposal, His guidance even in the midst of great obstacles.

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