Special Note from the President: Glorify the Lord with Us in 2022

by John Maust

Fresh out of university in the mid-1970s, I accepted a job as editor of a small-town weekly newspaper.   This was a “deer in the headlights” moment for a 20-year-old like me with almost no previous experience.

What if I couldn’t find enough material to fill the newspaper? Nightmares of blank pages disturbed my sleep. I leaned on the Lord as never before, and looked for tips wherever I could find them.

While designing the editorial page, I noticed that editors sometimes put a quote in the masthead that captured the mission of their newspaper.

This was not a Christian publication, but I wound up choosing a Bible verse to appear in the masthead—Psalm 34:3, “Glorify the Lord with me; let us exalt his name together.”

I don’t remember getting any compliments or complaints from readers about this use of Scripture, but the verse did express the desire of my heart for the newspaper.

In many ways, the same text speaks even more powerfully to the work and purpose of Media Associates International (MAI).

A stronger Church and a united witness

By equipping global Christian publishers and writers, MAI seeks to help create content that will draw more people into God’s family—more men and women worldwide who will “glorify the Lord with us” through a personal relationship with Christ.

In our training, we also strive to foster the creation of homegrown, excellent content that nurtures the Church in every nation and that brings believers together around the core doctrines of our faith and shared commitment to Christ. In a world filled with divisions, “let us exalt his name together.”

In addition, we work to encourage and strengthen global Christian communicators in their often lonely, sacrificial ministry by gathering them for training, fellowship, and encouragement. At the forthcoming LittWorld 2022 conference in Hungary, some 200 Christian communicators from 40 countries “will exalt his name together” and then return home with fresh vision and skills to better serve their readers.

Prayer for MAI training in 2022

Please pray for our full training program in 2022 that includes:

*Helping a Lebanese publisher equip writers to address issues facing Arab women

*Partnering with Asian colleagues to foster a contextualized Asian theology through publications and dialogues

*Mentoring start-up publishers in China, Zimbabwe, and other hard places

*Monthly training webinars both in English and Spanish, and quarterly webinars in French

*LittWorld 2022, April 24-29

More than 2,000 men and women from dozens of countries will be equipped through our online, hybrid, and in-person trainings. We will look forward to sharing with you the outcomes of these trainings in answer to your prayers so that together we may glorify the Lord and exalt His name together.

John Maust is President of Media Associates International.

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