God Amazes Me

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Twikyirize Mercy Cover picBy Mercy Twikyirize, Uganda

For two days, I sat behind a computer, laboring tirelessly to have my writings in soft copy. I was tired of living scared that one day I could find my writings burnt to ashes. My sister constantly complained that they were attracting rodents in her home. If I didn’t do something, I knew soon or later, I could lose them.

This was to be the third day on duty. I was about to pat my back for this kind of commitment when I discovered my file was missing. The previous night, I had been working on it; How come that the search engine could not locate it? I was puzzled.

My shock came when the Church Administrator bluntly said he had deliberately, permanently deleted my file. To him, this was not a private computer on which I could do personal work!

For more than a year, I had been volunteering as the chief editor for my church’s weekly bulletin. Whenever I finished my ministry duty, I could do any thing with this computer without inconveniencing anyone. Why would he all of a sudden delete my two days’ hard work without warning?

The feeling I got was unexplainable. Was it anger, fear, hate, worry, wonder, disbelief? I couldn’t tell. Not even the tears that were flowing uncontrollably could explain it.

With the memory still vivid, four days later I went for a writer’s workshop. The trainer from Ghana sent by MAI donated laptops to my group. He particularly said I should immediately borrow one in which I could type all my writings. I was amazed. I had not shared with the group my traumatic experience with the church computer. None of them knew how my sister had been threatening to burn my books. Only the God who sees and cares about our call as writers knew how much I needed a laptop and surprised me with one, just in time. Wasn’t that amazing?

I put in “my” laptop a user password, GODAMAZESME, as a constant reminder that only “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1).

Heavenly Father, help us as writers to always come to you for supply whenever in need. Let us know that only you can give us whatever we need to advance our writing call. Amen

Mercy Twikyirize is a member of the Uganda Faith Writers Association and the founder of K-AIMER, an NGO in Uganda. She is executive director of The AIMER’s Generation (TAG), a project under K-AIMER, which reaches out to youth, offering life skills, counseling and guidance through motivational speaking.

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