God is here

Laura Bonney of Canada drafted this poem in a LittWorld writing workshop led by Lillian Tindyebwa and fellow members of the Ugandan Faith Writers Association. Laura’s poem speaks of the unity experienced by participants from vastly different areas of the world.

God Is Here

The birds, God’s alarm
clock, reminded me
of the Creator’s Presence
before dawn. Yesterday on the
bus ride, children with
broad smiles waved from
the side of the road, welcomed
us offering their friendship.
Today in the workshop, as
the Ugandan team share,
I am reminded of the living
God who binds us together.
Although we come from
different countries and
cultures, we can identify
with one another. Most
of us have desert experiences,
trials in life. The common
things of nature: sand,
rain, rocks, sky, help
us process experiences
and give our souls
perspective and hope.
The team work and
beautiful faces of the
Ugandan team blesses
me – their songs, stories,
bring tears to my
eyes. God is here.

By Laura Bonney

Illustration used by permission of Didier Millotte

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