Heather Pubols appointed as next CEO of Media Associates International

(Carol Stream, Illinois, USA) Media Associates International (MAI) announces the appointment of Heather Pubols as its next Chief Executive Officer, effective November 11. She was unanimously and enthusiastically elected by the MAI Board of Directors after an extensive selection process. Heather, a skilled global communications consultant and editor, will succeed John Maust on his retirement after 25 years in the position.

Heather has worked as a nonprofit communications leader for more than two decades, serving in diverse capacities on a global scale. These have included directing domestic and international teams, consulting, photojournalism, editing, strategic planning and training. She has recently been involved in launching Christian Daily International, and since October 2021 she has served as the editorial director of Evangelical Missions Quarterly, an award-winning professional journal for North American missionaries. Her work has taken her to more than 50 countries and includes time living abroad in Kenya, South Africa, Germany and the UK.

“For many years Heather has been committed to giving a voice to Christians around the world,” said Dan Elliott of the MAI Board’s CEO Search Committee. “She is a unique and gifted leader. God brought MAI to Heather’s attention at just the right time, and He has given her a commitment and passion for this work.”

Heather becomes only the third CEO in MAI’s almost 40-year history, after founding President Robert Reekie and John Maust. As CEO of MAI, she looks forward to expanding the global conversation of believers through the equipping of Christian publishing staff and writers in the Majority World.

“One of my key callings is building bridges that amplify voices of the marginalized,” she said. “I am honored to continue the excellent work that John and Bob have done to further MAI’s important mission.”

MAI’s leadership mantel will be passed at the LittWorld 2024 conference in Puebla, Mexico, November 3-8, when John Maust steps down and Heather is publicly introduced as the new CEO.

“Heather brings extensive global experience and a wealth of knowledge to nonprofit communications and journalism,” said Anna Piro, who recently succeeded Dan Elliott as MAI Board Chair. “The MAI Board of Directors eagerly anticipates seeing how the Lord guides Heather in her new role. Please keep Heather in your prayers as we move forward in this new chapter of leadership.”

For further details, contact MAI at [email protected], or call +630-260-9063.

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