How do you prepare your training materials?

We are sometimes tempted to do the easy thing: prepare “canned” materials.  Instead, get started by doing a thorough needs assessment of your learners.  This will enable you to customize your curriculum to address the needs.

Having done a needs assessment, you will be able to utilize a ‘problem-solution’ approach.  That is, you identify the problem and then pattern your material to provide the solution. Adult learners learn better if they discover the solution themselves. Thus, we trainers function best as facilitators, not lecturers.

Having a good understanding of learners’ needs and problems, you should then formulate a clear objective for the training.  Next, thoughtfully design the curriculum to meet that objective. Lastly, make sure that your desired outcomes are measurable.

What other effective ways do you suggest we trainers could design our training materials?

–Ramon Rocha III

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