How to Start and Sustain an Effective Podcast with Casey Helmick

All around the world, more people are listening to content to be inspired, educated and entertained each day. Learn how you as an author can use this cost-effective way to reach global audiences with podcaster and founder of Terra Firma Audio Casey Helmick’s MAI webinar, How to start and sustain an effective podcast. Casey will share the basics of why and how you should consider podcasting to share your message far and wide.

Casey Helmick has spent the last 10 years working alongside top voices of culture bringing clarity and vision to their communication. Early in his career, he developed social media and digital channels that took leaders’ short yet powerful thoughts and built audiences from small to tens of millions of engaged readers.

As technology and people’s interest shifted, that central focus expanded from a focus on short messages to full content development: podcasting. Now Casey and the Terra Firma team are creating dozens of podcasts that reach over three million people each month. The secret to the company’s success is their commitment to making, marketing and monetizing audio content.


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