How to Write Biographies of Local Heroes of Faith with Jojie Wong

Join us on May 28 and learn How to Write Biographies of Local Heroes of Faith with author and missions mobilizer Jojie Wong.

The work of God in the lives of local heroes of faith needs to be told to help inspire and strengthen the local church. Learn the steps in pursuing this exciting writing project, do the research, conduct interviews, and plan for the best angle and perspective to make your story come alive and engage your readers.

Jojie Wong is a Filipino-Chinese serving with OMF International since 2000 as a missions mobilizer. She graduated with a degree in communications and worked in advertising and marketing as a video producer in a refugee camp before she joined the ministry. In her work as a missions mobilizer where she journeys with those interested in becoming missionaries, she discovered how biographies have influenced many in their journey. Jojie is the author of one biography, Headhunters of Sierra Madre, eight children’s books including Hudson Taylor and the Great Impossible and Eric Liddell: God over Gold.


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