In spite of all our ills

Patrick Obinna Anyanwu of Nigeria submitted this article in the LittWorld 2012 writing contest in response to the writing prompt, “What is one thing the church in your country has learned that believers elsewhere could benefit from?”

The Nigerian Church is a voracious learner. We have learnt sophistication, how to prosper and be in health, the best tricks in public speaking and the true meaning of piety. We have also learnt the fine arts of public motivation and exorcism and presently, we are exploring the ABCs of liberation theology: Preaching from John 3:16 with an AK-47 besides the podium. No thanks to Boko Haram.

Often criticized as sloppy, but trust me, we have done well in this case. Indeed we have invented a few tricks of our own, and they will send the monks of the dark ages back to the nooks of their monastic laboratories.

We have begun exportation too. Quality exports! Granted we are a consumer nation, but this is different. We export the Gospel. (I feel like shouting). Mission agencies, denominations and smaller independent churches are reaching out – really exporting. And I’m excited; I am one of the export agents.

My challenge however; I wish there were ISO something…something certification on the exports. But hey, who says we must export same brand and flavor? Besides, the owner of the franchise seems to allow it. “Let the ‘wheat and the tare’ go out,” (Matt. 13:24-30) He seems to continue to say. So all over the world, you find Nigerian Pastors and Churches. – Evangelicals, Aladuras, Pentecostals and mission agencies of all flavors.

What of doctrinal differences, disunity, etc? Well, John had those challenges once and the Master also seemed not to mind (Mk. 9:38-40; Lk. 9:51-55). So whatever your story; whatever the challenges the Church in your country has, they are not peculiar to you. Allow yourself the recklessness of becoming contagious. Got the Good News? Then step out – the world is waiting. If the Nigerian Church, if I, can dare it, you definitely can do it.

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Graphic above courtesy Salvatore Vuono,

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