India: “After lunch you can kill me.”

indiaBabu is an MAI trainer, Indian journalist and historian who has authored five books. He shared this recent personal story with us:

A few months ago at about midnight my telephone rang and the voice on the other end was strange and angry. The man introduced himself as an engineer-cum-businessman and an active member of the World Hindu Council. The furious phone call was prompted because he had received a copy of my book, Let There Be India: Impact of the Bible on Nation Building.

“Why did you send me your book? We do not want you to distribute this book. We do not want anyone to read the content. It’s dangerous. You are also in danger. You may be killed. Stop it…I will send back the book.”

I hadn’t sent him any books. Someone must have sent it as a gift.

I profusely thanked him for reading the book, or at least part of it. Then I told him, “If anyone kills me, the earlier the better. I believe in Jesus and therefore at my death, I will be with Him in heavenbook_72rgb.” I shared the Gospel with him.

I also invited him for lunch. “My residence address is in the book. My wife makes very tasty food. After enjoying lunch you can kill me.”

That call was in April. We regularly pray for him. He hasn’t yet sent the book back.

Since Babu’s book was published in 2014, he has been speaking extensively, asserting the Bible’s influence on India via the contributions of missionaries and Bible translators.

The title has become a major reference book in university research studies, discussed among Indian historians and politicians. Christian readers have responded enthusiastically.

Last year Babu was named MAI’s “Distinguished Lifetime Trainer” for his dedication to encouraging writers over three decades and facilitating more than 125 publishing-related workshops across India.

“MAI has been a major source of inspiration to me for the past 30 years,” Babu told us. “I have decided to focus with increased urgency on my call to the field of Christian literature.”

Christian publishers and writers like Babu “on the front lines” are being equipped and encouraged because of your partnership with MAI.

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