Influence a Younger Generation

Do you want to be instrumental in changing a generation? Consider writing for youth. Pastor Ronald Molmisa of the Philippines authored the bestselling Lovestruck series by OMF Literature. His books about love, courtship and marriage influence teenagers and adolescents in particular.

Consider these three W’s to be effective in writing for a younger generation:

1. Wit. Fun is the universal language of teens. In everything, include funny or relateable concepts. We must speak their langauge.

2. Wisdom. We need to be consistent with our message, that of the Gospel. This generation wants something to help them cope with the challenges of the times, coming from the Bible.

3. Weight. We must have substance–facts, statistics and information so people understand that you’re not being subjective about an issue. Read a variety of opinions of researchers so you can establish your message.

<<Check out our past interview with Ronald Molmisa on how to reach youth.

This video was shot by Team David Films at MAI’s international publishing conference, LittWorld 2015, in Singapore.

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