Jesus says, “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”

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Jose Paolo Cheeseman Calcetas of the Philippines responded to the writing prompt: “If Jesus were to write a letter to the Church in your country, what would He say?”

It has been a habit of faith for Filipino Christians to write their prayers, with fervent hope that the Lord will hear and grant their requests. But what if the tables turned, and Jesus had control of the pen? What would He tell the Filipino people? Perhaps, His letter would be like this.

Dear Philippines,

Since you have been discovered in 1571, I have always been overwhelmed with how you have worshipped Me. I know that you have gone through the worst of times. But I know that your faith in me remains steadfast because amidst all the trials you have experienced, you never fail to smile and appreciate even the simplest joys unfolding before your very eyes.

The bountiful always shares his blessings to the less fortunate. The homeless sleeps on the streets and wake up grateful for being safe the whole night. The victims of natural calamities still thank Me for keeping them safe. Whenever you pass by a church, you always do a sign of the cross. In good and bad times, you never forget to mumble simple prayers which always warm My heart. You even named some of your towns and streets after biblical characters. You also hold the longest and biggest celebration of my birthday in the entire planet.

The Philippines will always have a big space in My heart. I am with you everyday, walking with you on the streets, talking to you on the cab, shedding tears in your grief and celebrating in your achievements.

As long as you maintain your faith, I assure you that no trial will be powerful enough to tumble your indomitable faith. Your country may have big problems, but you have a bigger GOD, which makes it more fun in the Philippines!


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