Listening and reading the written word is all it takes

“Tell how someone you know in your country was spiritually transformed by the written word.” Margaret Siri Ngwa of Cameroon responded with this submission to the LittWorld 2012 writing contest:

When Siri saw the writing prompt, she repeated it slowly, “Someone I know in my country who was spiritually transformed by the written word,” then she dashed into her room, grabbed a notebook and a pen but wrote nothing. Instead she sat at the foot of the bed with both hands supporting her head; she took a long walk down the once spooky, sad and lonely memory runway.

After a laborious soul search, she saw Siri back in the days curled up in a foetal position, shattered and sobbing with uncontrollable grief, her little girl had died of malaria. She had refused to forget. Then she became sad, frightened and withdrawn.  The written word became an escape. She listened to and searched the word in the Bible.

Suddenly she stumbled onto 1 Thessalonians 5:18, Isaiah 41:10. Romans 8:28. Her mind became clearer and it dawned on her that the son of the almighty God -Jesus Christ also died. She learnt how to pray.

Reading the word was the beginning of inner healing and inspiration. It is so powerful in the way it changes old into new.

The new and better Siri has captured the written word wherever it is lodged -MAI online literature, songs, tracks, Christian and inspirational books.

It has humbled the once withdrawn and depressed young housewife into an empowered right thinking person with an insatiable desire for the written word.

When Siri travels, she always has an excess luggage of Christian literature. Currently, she is a debut Christian writer with a dream to use her writing and the right words to empower and heal people like her from hurt and distress.

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