MAI Training Booklets Now in E-books!

Free shipping, no snail mail, and you save a tree! You’ll find our practical training booklets and bestsellers now available in digital formats for Kindle, Apple and Nook products:

How to Write Missionary Letters by Alvera Mickelson: Kindle, Apple, Nook 8926318_xl

The Christian Publisher: Strong in the Storm by Ramon Rocha III: Kindle, Apple, Nook

Your Guide to Creating a Christian Writer Group by Fay Sampson (MAI edition): Kindle, Apple, Nook

Effective Story Writing by Pat Alexander: Kindle, Apple, Nook

Servanthood and the Christian Editor by Judith Markham: Kindle, Apple, Nook

Editorial Vision and Strategy: How to write a mission statement and make it work by Ron Wilson: Kindle, Apple, Nook

Writing for Children: Ideas and techniques to produce stories that children will love by Pat Alexander and Larry Brook: Kindle, Apple, Nook

Do you prefer paper? Check out our other practical resources in print format for publishing, writing and editing.

Photo above courtesy of Andrey Kravchenko

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