Meet Leading African Christian Publishers and Writers at LittAfrica 2023

Learn about the power of the written word to impart hope from and alongside leading African Christian publishers. Here are some of the people you can hope to meet and hear from at LittAfrica 2023 this November.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Amon Kasambala

Our keynote speaker Dr. Amon Kasambala will share on The Transformative Power of Hope: How Written Words Shape Lives.

Dr. Kasambala is founder and Chief Executive of Global Advisory Plan Services, which provides strategic advisory support to businesses and organizations on leadership, organizational development, systems and vision alignment.  Based in South Africa and a native of Zambia, he is an ordained minister with a Doctor of Philosophy degree from Stellenbosch University. He was CEO of Focus on the Family Africa for eight years, expanding the work into 26 sub-Saharan African countries.  He was a personal advisor to two Zambian presidents and has facilitated many church-related forums and trainings in Africa and across the globe.

Speakers and Workshop Leaders

Dr. Kirimi Barine, Kenya

Dr. Barine is Global Publishing Development Coordinator for the United Bible Societies, with more than 20 years’ experience in publishing, capacity building and strategic consulting. He has a passion for training writers and publishers and is the founding director of the Publishing Institute of Africa. Dr. Barine holds a doctoral degree in Business Administration, and is a member of the Association for Talent Development (ATD) and a trustee of MAI-Africa.

Afrika Mhlophe, South Africa

Afrika Mhlophe has been in ministry since 1998.  Throughout South Africa and abroad, he speaks and writes on subjects such as racism, corruption and idolatry from a biblical perspective. He has published four books and speaks on Pressing Matters, a TV program on Faith Broadcast Network. Afrika serves as a board chairperson of Gateway News, an online Christian news portal, and writes regularly for the publication.

Sam Nyarko-Mensah, Ghana

Sam is Head of Publications at Step Publishers in Accra, Ghana. He has been a publisher by training and profession for the past 11 years. Sam has offered training in digital publishing, book layout and cover design, and is an expert in converting content into digitized formats for publishing online.  He holds a BA in Publishing Studies (Administration) and a Master of Business Administration (Strategic Management).

Joan Campbell, South Africa

Joan describes herself as a pilgrim and story-teller and is the author of six books, all containing the message of God’s grace and salvation. Chains of Gwyndorr, the first book of her Christian fantasy trilogy, won the 2017 Illumination award for Young Adult Fiction. Her book of short stories and prayers, Encounters: Life Changing Moments with Jesus, was translated into French and released by Éditions LLB in 2022. Joan is an MAI-Africa trustee.

Georges Late, Benin

Georges is the general manager of Presses Bibliques Africaines (PBA) publishing house in Benin. PBA is the editorial arm of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in French-speaking Africa.  Georges began work at PBA as director of the marketing department 15 years ago right out of college, and held leadership positions in every area of the publishing house before becoming its general manager.  In addition to publishing, Georges is actively involved in student work, as well as radio and pastoral ministry.

Join us at LittAfrica 2023 to connect with and learn alongside fellow African Christians engaged in Christian writing and publishing. Register online here.

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