My dream for a fraternity of Christian publishers

You’ll be inspired by this dream for Christian publishing in Uganda by Rekisa, submitted to the LittWorld writing competition:

Over the years, as my heart and hand have been released to write, I have come to love the craft and to appreciate those who inspired and encouraged me to dare express and share from my heart. Sadly, appreciation and support for creative writing in Uganda has diminished, even the tradition of teaching and discussing the word of God at home and in school.  While baring the secrets and dreams of your soul can positively impact lives, sharing personal knowledge of the extreme love of God towards us all, and how He watches over each one, has the power to liberate and transform.

If we are to draw people into the Kingdom of God, Christian publishing must become more relevant, and purposefully seek to influence a critical mass of children and teens (Proverbs 22:6) around the country. Christian publishing must also become more innovative, popular and accessible, complimenting other mediums of education, evangelism, discipleship and mentoring.

In becoming more strategic, Christian publishing should diversify and publish books, comics, magazines, and games that target the age bracket 2 – 17; these should be accessible over the Internet, and also compliment study and play kits including puzzles, toys, stickers and computer games. Publications should teach the love, grace, principals, promises and power of God, to help children and teens anchor their lives on biblical values and truths.

In my dream, Christian publishers belong to a formal fraternity committed to help identify and stimulate writing talent and creativity through writer clubs and seminars; they encourage regular submission of the work of local writers to national and international writer competitions, submit publications to the national  education curriculum, subsidise work by young writers, and support writing in the local language.

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