Spirited Children’s Book Writing

What’s the secret of writing compelling children’s books? Learn tips from Emily Lim, an award-winning children’s author in Singapore. Watch the short video below for details.

  1. Be Less of a “Tell-Tale”
    Don’t narrate. Add dialogue, show action and create an emotional connection with your reader.
  2. Strong Beginning
    A compelling beginning will keep the reader turning your pages.
  3. Hopeful Ending
    Children need hope.
  4. Greater Purpose
    Don’t try to write a bestseller; try to write a “hope-seller.”
  5. Memorable Characters
    Characters should be realistic, relatable and possess a special quality that makes them stand out.
  6. Character Wisdom
    Your characters need to grow in wisdom. No one is all good or all bad. A good character should have flaws. A bad character should have saving graces.
  7. Clarity in Conflict and Resolution
    A good story has a clear story problem with solutions. Resolve your conflict satisfactorily by the end.
  8. Faith in Your Reader
    Don’t talk down to a child reader, don’t moralize as you write. You’re a writer, not a preacher. Have faith that your reader will take away some of your message.
  9. Truthful Voice
    Be authentic. Avoid cliches. Be true to why you’re writing.

Check out Emily Lim’s blog.

This video was shot by Team David Films at MAI’s international publishing conference, LittWorld 2015, in Singapore.

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