Readers Are Ripe for the Harvest

Why is it important that more Christian authors in your country write and get published?Susan Braun of the United States responded to this prompt in the LittWorld writing contest.

I wiggled my fingers excitedly – another listing of new Kindle books was posted on Facebook. But my enthusiasm waned as I browsed through the choices. Crazy for Cowboys: A Romance. Scroll – The Third Wife. Scroll some more – Murder at Midnight.

I clicked out of the screen, feeling an all-too-familiar dejection. As a writer myself, I pay attention to the world of writing and the world of publishing. Most of what I see coming out isn’t Christian. It’s secular in the extreme. And what is available is what will be read.

I have many non-Christian friends. Most all of them, like me, are voracious readers. We like to peruse the new books out there, and we like to read and review many of them. If most of the compelling titles are secular, that’s what we’ll read. And if the Christian offerings are few and far-between, we have little chance to find and read them. If I, as a Christian, find it difficult to locate quality Christian reading material, what chance do non-Christians have? Typically, they’re not even looking for Christian literature.

I would love to see a world where Christian literature is plentiful and well-publicized. When I walk into a bookstore or turn on the computer, I’d like to be overwhelmed with all the God-honoring choices out there — all the choices that would point unbelievers in the direction of Jesus. If we as Christians are to be salt and light to our dark world, let’s do our best to shine God’s love into the world of readers. To paraphrase the Bible, “Look at the readers! They are ripe for harvest.” (John 4:35 NIV).

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