Remembering an MAI Hero

Every ministry has its unsung heroes, and Lea Meyer was certainly one for MAI.  Soon after our founding, Lea quit a high-paying job to come and work at MAI without any salary for more than six months.

“Lea grasped the vision and potential of MAI ministry from the moment we were launched,” said founding CEO Bob Reekie.  “Her professional and business skills were invaluable to MAI and to me personally.”

Lea performed meticulous bookkeeping, edited the newsletter and did whatever was necessary to help the fledgling MAI ministry grow and thrive.

“We will never forget this incredible person who truly was an ‘angel’ in those early years,” Bob added.  “What a lovely Christian woman whose life radiated her faith.”

Lea passed away on July 17 at age 93 in Elgin, Illinois, entering the presence of the Lord she loved and served.

“She was one of God’s special people,” remembered MAI-Europe Trustee Nicholas Gray of Scotland. “She was an invaluable help at the early LittWorld conferences where most of us saw her in action.”

“People like her inspire and strengthen others,” said author and publisher Lawrence Darmani of Ghana.

Lea’s sacrificial service in those early years helped build an infrastructure that would enable MAI to send trainers to Christian publishers and writers around the world.  Yes, Lea was one of MAI’s heroes, and she will not be forgotten.

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