Rules For Successful Publishing…In Any Context with Randall Payleitner

With over a hundred people from 38 countries around the world, here’s a snapshot of the topics publisher Randall Payleitner covered in our webinar “Rules for Successful Acquiring and Publishing…In Any Context.”  

What’s true about publishing today

Everyone is looking for meaning and help – and while almost everyone is distracted by digital devices, books still work. “We are untethered from our digital lives when we are immersed in a book,” Randall says. “There is really only one critical transaction: an author reaching his or her readers.”

Every publisher must understand, appreciate and tend to six things

Our people, products, delivery systems (as Randall says, “We can make books all day but we’ve got to get them out there”), follow up (growing and learning so we can serve our readers), planning (look at what to publish years ahead and ask the Lord what is needed) and environment.

Effective team and publishing processes (no matter how big or small your team is)

In an effective team, everyone sees themselves as involved in customer service to readers. Editors, designers, acquirers, marketers, fundraisers, tech experts … everyone is aiming to remove barriers for readers and it all adds up to the life change we’re looking for.

What a long-term “winning” book looks like

These are books that matter for a long time. They’re not just for right now. They get people to read the Bible, follow the Lord, desire the things of heaven. Successful books are category leader books that help a niche audience. Wield your team towards books that can be long-term winners.

Keys to acquiring books that work, that matter, and that last

“A great idea executed well with an audience clamoring for it: this is what we’re looking for.” Be proactive in finding books and authors, then close the gap between what the book is and what the book can be. Aim to make each book the best version of itself.

Randall says, “It’s not going to get any easier, it’s going to get harder. We all do this for love for the Lord and love for books so keep at it. It’s worth it. The Lord’s with you and He loves you and we’re in this together.”

Watch the full webinar here:

P.S. On LittWorld, Randall says, “Yes, you should go! I’ve never felt more part of the global church than when I was at LittWorld.” Our next LittWorld is in November 2024. Learn more here.

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