The Parable of the Tissues

The leaders of the churches in America were meeting and fell into a serious disagreement that disintegrated into chaos.

One man, however, was praying for a solution and sensed the Spirit saying, “Look at the two tissue boxes on the open window sill, and learn from them.”[singlepic id=40 w=320 h=240 float=]

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind caught one of the boxes and scattered the tissues all over the room, startling everyone.

When the floating tissues settled, a note appeared in the center of the table:

Dear children,
You are like these tissues that were independently folded and stacked one upon the other. They were scattered in chaos when caught by the wind, having nothing to hold them together. Your self-interest and pride are causing similar disunity and factions in my church. You aren’t working together in harmony. This causes me sorrow.

I desire that you be like the tissues in the other box.
With love,

Spellbound in awe, they slowly passed the other box containing interfolded tissues from person to person, each one pulling out a tissue, only to find another in its place.  To their surprise, attached to the last tissue was another note:

Be like the tissues in this box, grasping each other’s hands, pulling each other up, helping each other along.  My command to you is to love one another and work in unity, for the world will know you by your love.  I will come for you soon; let me find you faithful.

Little did the participants at the meeting know that the notes in those boxes had been prepared by the Sunday School teacher to use as an object lesson on Sunday.  However, Jesus used the teacher’s preparation to deliver His letter to the “church in America.”

Thanks to Carolyn Stonehocker of the U.S. for responding to the LittWorld writing contest prompt: If Jesus were to write a letter to the church in your country, what would He say?

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