The smiles are warm

Author Lillian Tindyebwa of Uganda engaged participants of her writing workshop at LittWorld with a model poem on the theme, “God is here.” Her poem captures the devotion of assembled believers and the rich beauty of the Kenyan landscape.

God Is Here

The smiles are warm
Like the early morning sun
Handshakes are strong
Like the lions
Of Samburu

Windows fling open
By mesmerized
At dawn
Sounds of bird songs
Fill the rooms,
Mingle with prayers
Of saints

Under the blue and grey
Skies of Kenya
they are gathered
From the ends of the earth
He created
Leaves shake with
His breath
Whispering assurances
Of His love to us all
God is Here

By Lillian Tindyebwa

Illustration used by permission of Didier Millotte

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