“Arise and tell the story”

What an amazing gathering of 180 godly men and women in publishing from nearly 50 nations! Noteable thoughts from Day 1 and 2:

Opening night speaker Dr. Florence Muindi challenged everyone “to obey God and

Opening night worship, Kenyan style, at LittWorld 2012 by Didier Millotte
leave a written testimony of what God has done for us….” and, we are “invited to arise and tell the story.”

Her message “hit home–a responsibility and privilege to tell our stories, to be relevant and accessible,” said Kara Lassen Oliver of the US.

“We need to remember that ministry is a God-centered enterprise, not a man-centered one,” said Pastor Soo-Inn of Graceworks in Singapore in his morning devotion. And, “Ministry is done by community, not heroic individuals.”

Stay tuned for more from LittWorld 2012 in Nairobi, Kenya!
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