Who do you think you’re fooling?

Margaret Ngwa of Cameroon submitted this piece in response to the writing contest question, “If Jesus were to write a letter to the church in your country, what would He say?”

Christians in Cameroon who do you think you’re fooling?  As you prepare to celebrate Easter, may I remind you of two issues?  These are your vertical and horizontal mission.  Vertically your focus should be my father and I.  Since you can’t get to my father but through me, I should be the life wire of your very existence.  But what do I see?

You’re divided under different names: Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, and Methodists. Each of you doing her own thing in her own way; laying emphasis on values but I hardly get a mention.

Among you, many are anxious, gravely sick of fear of the future.  Others crave for vengeance, lust, drug, child trafficking and violence against women.  Note, she who trusts me overcomes the crises of life easily.

At the slightest pain you turn to your customs which conflict with the written word, you run to sorcerers with awkwardly carved idols where you sprinkle blood from freshly slain goats, then you sit back and wait for solutions to your problems. Not one of you thinks of me who taught you how to pray.  In Matthew 7.7 I told you what to do when in crisis of any kind.

You church leaders, you sit there tongue in cheek watching my people starve spiritually and physically. As leaders in the church, encourage members and tell them to encourage each other to repent and find the peace I gave them.

Horizontally, increase in the number of churches indicates that many people are willing to worship me. Unfortunately this increase is only noticed in the urban areas.  Contrary to what I told you in Matthew 28.19.  The pygmies who were the early inhabitants of Cameroon know nothing about me. They still practice human sacrifice and other rituals which dishonor and not glorify me.  Go there and tell them about me.

Happy Easter


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