Why is Training Writers Important?

Lawrence Darmani, MAI regional trainer for Africa, has a passion for equipping writers through workshops, mentoring and seminars.  Lawrence is the managing editor of Step Publishers in Ghana and award-winning author of more than 10 books. In an interview with MAI President John Maust, Darmani shared ideas and tips from his long experience as a trainer. A series of blog posts will explore parts of their conversation.

Believing that Christian writing is a calling, I realized, by extension, that training is imperative in discovering and equipping talented writers to communicate the Christian message.  To become an effective trainer, we need to remember that training and equipping others is both a calling and an injunction. “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” (Proverbs 27:17).  The Lord wants us to sharpen others for them to write for Him.

We need to remember that there is a dire need for this training. Writers need to be mentored and encouraged because many quickly give up for lack of skill development and success in publishing their works.

The Lord calls us to impart knowledge and share ideas … The apostle Paul urged young Timothy to train others who would be able to train others also (2 Timothy 2:2). In that way, the multiplication effect of soul-winning will be a reality.  I receive calls from many young writers who, after reading my books, seek help to write their own stories and articles. If you are an entrepreneur writer, editor, publisher or lead a training organization, such calls will come to you. Responding to them will open doors for mentoring and training.

I try to make training a part of my schedule because of this urgency and need.  Being a beneficiary of training, I consider it critical that we give writers, editors, and publishers the opportunity to grow and effectively make their contribution to the body of Christian literature needed to nurture faith and Christian living. I must add that my involvement with MAI over two decades has enhanced this desire, for as we receive invitations from around the world and through our flagship training conference, LittWorld, the opportunity has been given me to embark on training.

Lawrence Darmani

Lawrence’s full remarks on writer training may be found here.

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