Why Write and What to Write with Afrika Mhlophe

South African author Afrika Mhlophe answers the burning question of why Christians should be writing and what we should be writing about in his webinar Why Write and What to Write.

Afrika presents a case and justification for Christian writers and content producers to write and publish: we write in order to communicate the message of the gospel. By writing, we document what God has done throughout history, apply the gospel to current contexts, questions and issues, and provide a prophetic witness that points people to Jesus.

Afrika Mhlophe has been in ministry since 1998. Throughout South Africa and abroad, he speaks and writes on subjects such as racism, corruption and idolatry from a biblical perspective. He has published four books and speaks on Pressing Matters, a TV program on Faith Broadcast Network. Afrika serves as a board chairperson of Gateway News, an online Christian news portal, and writes regularly for the publication.

Photo from LittAfrica November 2023, courtesy of Glenn Haggis.


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