You can create culturally relevant children’s curriculum

Have you heard of Corrie ten Boom? Hudson Taylor? These are household names in many Christian families. Why? Because someone told their stories. One of the most exciting ways to create culturally relevant children’s curriculum is to use true life experiences and heroes of the national church. Every country is filled with heroes of the faith. Author Jeanette Windle describes how to turn these stories into captivating curriculum.


1)       Biography

Example:  Go to the historical sites of the person being studied. Using a digital device, collect and record the history of the local church through interviewing the person herself or survivors who remember her.  Write a five chapter biography.

2)      True life experiences

Example:  A nine-year-old street child who is looking for the love of a family learns three important lessons:   1. You are created by an Almighty God, 2. God loves you very much, and 3. God is with you wherever you go.

Five simple steps for turning stories into curriculum:

1)      Choose a Bible verse

2)      Introduce the story

Example:  “Have you ever felt alone?  Is that true?  Let me tell you about a little girl who discovered she was not truly alone.”

3)      Tell the story

4)      Make the Biblical application

5)      Offer a take-away thought and activity

This LittWorld 2012 video was shot and produced by Good News Productions in Nairobi, Kenya, for MAI .
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