Your Jesus Is Strong

By John Maust, MAI President

“Living in fear is a disgusting thing,” a young man we’ll call Rashad wrote to my publisher friend in the Middle East.

Rashad’s abusive father regularly beat him, his mother and two sisters.  “I cried in my bed many nights and prayed that God would take away my fears,” he said.

Then Rashad stumbled across my friend’s magazine online and read several articles. “I knew about Jesus, but my Jesus was weak and dependent,” he said.  “Your Jesus was strong, free, more than a man.”

Rashad ordered a printed copy, knowing the Christian magazine could get him into trouble but realizing it just might be the only way out “from all this chaos in my life.”

When the magazine arrived, “it was the most joyful moment of my life.” Rashad read the entire issue in an hour and saw that “the God of Christianity was offering me love and freedom.  Jesus Christ gave Himself so that we could overcome fear and all the evil and sin afflicting humanity.

“Now I want to read the Bible,” Rashad told the publisher. “If you don’t mind, I want to write you sometimes and ask questions about my new journey.”

Rashad’s transformation “illustrates the purpose and reason for our ministry in this country,” the publisher told me.  In fact, “stories like this are very common in our country,” he said.

Today God is using the written word to draw readers to His Son, even in places and among people we might consider too difficult to reach.  This reality drives MAI’s ministry.

Pray for my friend and other Christian publishers in difficult contexts. Ask that God would prepare their readers to embrace the Truth that sets them free.

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