How to Develop a Culture of Respecting Copyright

Illegal pirating of Christian books plagues authors and publishers, especially in developing economies. Should we just give up, shrug our shoulders and hope this will eventually go away? How can we address the core of the problem? Join three global publishers in a round table discussion as they brainstorm to identify practical steps toward developing a culture of respecting copyright.

David Adams lives in Medellín, Colombia, and is the director of Poiema Publicaciones, a Christian publishing house that yearns to reflect the image of our Creator by publishing high-quality books.


Rev. Luka Vandi Uti has been ordained with EYN, Church of the Brethren in Nigeria, for over two decades. He serves with Africa Christian Textbooks (ACTS) as managing director and executive officer. In the church, he is the secretary to District Council of Churches within Jos Plateau zone. Rev. Luke is also an author, small business consultant and conference speaker.


Andrey Kravchenko is the founder and director of Ezdra Publishing in Ukraine, which is comprised of two divisions, publishing and print production. He is a networker and avid promoter of Christian publishing both in Ukraine and on the international scene. Andrey is a visionary who is looking for solutions for the future, not only for his publishing house but solutions that will help others in producing their literature.

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